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Soothe those nasty gnats and mosquitoes, naturally.

Bug Soother is a great way to soothe those nasty bugs and enjoy your summer. A blend of vanilla and fresh lemony scents that smells great, but bugs hate.

Bug Soother leaves your skin feeling silky, smooth, and leaves no oily residue like other products. When fishing, hiking, golfing, or simply enjoying the outdoors, apply Bug Soother.

DEET Free, safe for children and pets, Bug Soother is a safe natural product that qualifies as an EPA exempted product. We formulated Bug Soother with 3% scent, 4% is the highest level recommended by the manufacturer. Some of the leading brands have levels of up to 18%.


An essential oil blend of Lemongrass, Lemon and Vanilla. With distilled water, Castor Oil, Soya Lecithin (natural insect repellents), and Vitamin E.

What Does Bug Soother Do?

Bug Soother Repels:



Very effective

We haven't yet met a gnat that Bug Soother can't repel - "Gnat-urally"! Enjoy the outdoors without becoming a gnat-feast.



Very effective

You can't see them, and they won't see you! Don't see them and don't feel them this year with Bug Soother.

Sand fleas


Very effective

They're out for your blood, but they'll lose their appetite quickly once they get a whiff of Bug Soother!

Black flies


Very effective

No more constant waving to get rid of those pests. Bug Soother will let you wave them goodbye once and for all.




May require more frequent application. There are over 175 varieties of mosquitoes in the United States (over 3,000 worldwide)*. Bug Soother is effective for many people against many types of mosquitoes, but not effective for all people, against all types.

And more!


Our customers have reported that Bug Soother can repel ticks, fruit flies, fleas, and more. We’ve even heard reports of Bug Soother shielding houseplants from Japanese beetles!

Who Can Use Bug Soother?

Outdoor Enthusiasts

When fishing, hiking, golfing, farming, getting yard work done or simply enjoying the sunshine, Bug Soother works in your defense by repelling the irritating insects that can cut short your time outdoors.


Kids love the Bug Soother scent, and will probably want to wear it all the time, indoors and out! Bug Soother uses all-natural, non-toxic ingredients that are safe for your child's skin and respiratory system.


Bug Soother helps to keep pets bug-free without harsh, irritating chemicals.


Bug Soother is effective on horses and other livestock, providing an all-natural alternative to harsh chemical pesticides. For horses and other livestock, we recommend Bug Soother by the gallon, which we offer with a handy spray nozzle and hose attachment option.


Use Bug Soother to protect your chickens from suffocating gnats and other harmful insects. Bug Soother is also effective on other fowl and small animals.


Yes, you read that right! One of our customers swears by Bug Soother to keep his tiger bug-free.


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