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EATLESS - The world's first appethyl spinach extract food supplement. EATless is based on Appethyl an extract from spinach components – thylakoids.  It is a unique formula with scientifically identified mechanisms for suppressing hunger signals and promoting reward in the brain.

The beneficial health effects of EATLESS Appethyl have been demonstrated in several clinical studies carried out at Lund University: Appethyl was found to promote body weight reduction, reduce waist circumference and improve metabolic parameters such as cholesterol and glucose levels. Appethyl works in a unique triple effect: lowering appetite, delaying absorption of fats, thereby triggering release of satiety hormones, and prolonging uptake of carbohydrates. The effects, use and production of thylakoids are protected thru three patents pending.

How EATLESS can be used? EATLESS sachet contains 5 g Appethyl-spinach extract. All of the studies used doses of 5 grams per day. Dose bag full of Eatless Appethyl product can be mixed (5g) for breakfast and / or lunch in the context of water, juice, yoghurt, porridge or the like.

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