Femergy™ Skin, Hair & Nails, 60 caps.

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Protect and repair

Femergy™ Skin, Hair & Nails, a potent blend of antioxidants, including acerola cherries and pine bark extract, combined with vitamins A and E and selenium - helps protect and repair tissue from the effects of pollutants, UV exposure, exercise and the stress of modern lifestyles.

The sugar-free formulation works to maintain the strength and appearance of skin, hair and nails to help you deal with whatever the day throws at you. 

A small daily vegan capsule providing powerful, protecting and repairing ingredients. 

Why Femergy™ Skin, Hair & Nails?

Aging is an inevitable process caused by free radicals which are produced as part of normal life; however we are constantly bombarded by toxins and UV radiation which produce unhealthy levels. To slow the rate of aging, a potent antioxidant system is required to mop-up these free radical excesses. 

Femergy™ Skin, Hair & Nails helps to expel toxic free radicals in the body using a powerful combination of botanical, mineral and vitamin antioxidants, which will in turn enhance the strength and appearance of skin, hair and nails. 

Each ingredient in Femergy™ Skin, Hair & Nails has been carefully selected for its effective antioxidant properties.

Acerola cherries contain spectacularly high levels of vitamin C, with levels more than 30 times higher than an orange. They are also high in amino and fatty acids, helping to keep cell membranes supple.

Pine bark extract is a water extract from the bark of the French maritime pine. Recent research by Skin Pharmacology and Physiology found the extract improved skin elasticity by 25 per cent, making it the latest go-to ingredient for slowing the signs of aging.

These star ingredients are combined with tissue repairing vitamin A, skin cell protector vitamin E and selenium, a mineral which combines with proteins to make important antioxidant enzymes to help protect cellular damage from free radicals.

An antioxidant dream team list of powerful, protecting and repairing ingredients.


An effective and potent daily supplement. Take two capsules with water each day. Ideally take mid-morning when your body is at its most nutritionally receptive. Can be taken without food.

To ensure potency keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

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