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Air Plus Portable Mesh Nebulizer

89,90 €

Feellife Air Plus is a silent and small portable nebuliser that helps to efficiently treat respiratory conditions from a simple cough to asthma.

Feellife Air Plus Portable nebuliser is helpful for the following probmlems:

- common cold
- sore throat
- fever
- rhinitis
- pnemoonia
- bronchitis
- asthma
- laryngitis
- pharyngitis
- allergy

Totally silent nebuliser which is also suitable for inhaling medicines. 




SKU: 52
Brand: Feellife
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● Adjustable nebulization rate.
● Low Power consumption, silent operation.
● Dual nebulization mode which can be switched by one key.
● Superfine particle.
● Temperature sensing.
● Multi-angle nebulization
● Automatic shut-off after each medication dose (10 minutes use).
● Charging via micro USB cable to any 5v usb power adapter or plug it directly into your computer.

Pakage Include:

● USB cable
● Mouth piece
● Mask for adults and children
● Manual
● Air Plus main machine

Due to the small measuremets it is possible to take the device with you everwhere you go. It's unique design and silent operation enables usage in any position and even when sleeping. 

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