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Babydoo electronic baby nose cleaner

49,90 € 72,00 €

During their first year, babies respire through their nose and as they do not know how to blow their nose, it is therefore absolutely necessary to maintain a strict hygiene (preferably with a nose cleaner) to avoid infections and other complications. Following a cold, the nose cleaner Babydoo MX One enables the suction of nasal secretions that is blocking the baby's nose and rendering his breathing difficult.


SKU: 3161

Babydoo MX-One enables baby's nose to be cleaned softly, with a controlled aspiration. 

Box includes:

- 3 hypoallergenic tips to sterilise
- 2 replacement silicon joints
- 25 disposable hygienic capsules
- 2 AA batteries 1,5V
- Warranty 2 years.

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