ellen® Probiotic Intimate Cream, 15 ml

ellen® Probiotic Intimate Cream, 15 ml

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- With natural lactic acid bacteria
- Softens and protects a dry and sensitive external intimate area

The Probiotic Intimate Crème is specially created for women´s intimate care. The crème is a result of Swedish research and has been specially created to protect the sensitive skin and mucus membranes inthe external intimate area. The crème is made from carefully selected vegetable fats and oils and is completely free of perfumes, preservatives and water. 

The Probiotic Intimate Crème contains Lacto Naturel, a blend of lactic acid bacteria of three patented strains: L. fermentum LN99, L. rhamnosus LN113 and L. gasseri LN40. These strains belong to common vaginal Lactobacillus species and were isolated from healthy women´s vagina

Why Probiotic Intimate Crème?

Many women experience dryness and a sense of not being fresh in the intimate area. Excessive hygiene and increased activities such as sports, travelling or frequent water contact may affect the fragile and sensitive skin of the intimate area/ external genital tract.

ellen Probiotic Intimate Crème is a softening and protective crème that helps to maintain the moisture of the skin and mucus membranes in the external intimate area. The crème contains lactic acid bacteria, which contributes to the normal bacterial flora and gives a natural and fresh feeling.

The Probiotic Intimate Crème is suited for all women in all ages having the sense of dryness and not being fresh in their intimate part of the body.