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ellen® Probiotic Tampons Normal, 12 pcs

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An imbalanced vaginal flora can present itself in symptoms like an elevated vaginal pH, a diminished lactic acid bacteria flora, changes in discharge (yellow/greyish, odorous or more cheese-like discharge), itching and irritation. One or more of these symptoms suggests bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection. 

Always contact a gynaecologist or physician if you suspect you have a vaginal infection.

Who can use ellen®?
- ellen® probiotic tampons are foremost recommended to women who suffer from imbalance in their vaginal flora.
- ellen® can also be used in connection with all types of antibiotic treatments.
- ellen® can be used by all women who wants a high quality tampon.

How does ellen® work?

The probiotic lactic acid bacteria are applied to the centre of the ellen® tampon. When the warm menstrual fluid permeates the tampon, the bacteria are activated and spread to the surface and on to the vagina. Lactic acid bacteria produce lactic acid and contribute to maintaining a normal vaginal flora. The bacteria are self-regulating making it impossible to overdose.

Clinically proven effect

  • The good properties of lactic acid bacteria has been proven in several clinical studies.
  • Using ellen® leads to a balanced vaginal flora. 
  • ellen® is safe to use. 

Choose the right size tampon

How much a woman bleeds during menstruation varies and differs from one woman to another. It is import to choose the right size for your needs. The ellen® probiotic tampon comes in three sizes. The different sizes have different absorbency capacities and should therefore be used according to the amount of menstrual fluid.

ellen® Mini: if your menstruation is light  
ellen® Normal: if your menstruation is normal 
ellen® Super: if your menstruation is heavy

Let the tampon stay in place at least two hours. Remove the tampon when it is saturated – no more than four to eight hours. Avoid removing the tampon “dry” since this may irritate the mucus membranes.  

Wash your hands carefully both before and after inserting a tampon. Pull gently on the cotton string to ensure that it is properly attached. Touch the tampon as little as possible before inserting it. Place your finger on the base of the tampon, separate your vaginal lips and gently ease the tampon up and forward. The tampon is in place when you can no longer feel it. Remove the tampon by pulling the string downwards.

Product details

ellen® is a probiotic tampon intended for women who suffer from vaginal flora imbalance. It is also a convenient and safe sanitary protection product. ellen® is a product developed to promote women’s health – the result of many years of research in gynaecology, microbiology and biochemistry. 

Each tampon contains a substance comprised of three different types of lactic acid-producing bacteria (probiotics), called Lacto Naturel (LN), which can help women who suffer from imbalance in the bacteria that colonize the vagina (the vaginal microbiome). Because the vaginal flora varies among women, introducing different types of lactobacilli can prove beneficial.  

A good balance of lactobacilli reduces the risk of vaginal problems like itching, irritation and odorous discharge. Lactobacilli are naturally present in the vagina to protect the vaginal microbiome. By using ellen®, you introduce extra lactobacilli and can maintain a natural, healthy vaginal flora. 

Product facts and storage
ellen® has a soft, thin surface that prevents fibre fluff. The tampon expands sideways and conforms to the shape of your body. Its rounded tip makes insertion easy. The tampon is made of 100% viscose and is unbleached. The string is made of 100% cotton and the surface of 100% polypropylene. 
The viscose fibres have been treated with LN® lactic acid bacteria. LN® comprises three probiotic lactic acid bacteria strains (L. gasseri LN40, L. fermentum LN99 and L. rhamnosus LN113).
Store ellen® in a dry, cool place, between 2 and 25°C. Because the tampons have limited keeping qualities, refer to the best-before date on the package.


What is probiotic?
Pro means for and bio means life. Probiotic means in favour of life. Lactic acid bacteria grow on their own in the right milieu, the vagina in this case and are self regulating which means there is no risk of an overdose. When the vaginal bacteria flora has the right pH value and right composition of bacteria, the supply and production of lactic acid ceases. Lactic acid bacteria produce lactic acid in the vagina that keeps the milieu acidic at pH values between 3.8 and 4.2. This acidic environment prevents pathogens (bacteria that cause disease) from growing.

What is lactic acid bacteria?
Lactic acid bacteria is the collective name for bacteria that produce lactic acid. People have used lactic acid bacteria in the food industry for a long time to ensure better hygiene and preservation as well as to add taste and consistency to certain foods. Some types of lactic acid bacteria are part of human beings’ normal bacteria flora. Lactic acid bacteria are nourished through yeast processes. They live in highly nutritious environments, such as the digestive system of human beings, warm-blooded animals, plants and many food stuffs.  

Is it dangerous to introduce bacteria into the body? 
Bacteria are a normal part of the body’s microbiological flora. We would not survive without their protection. Part of our everyday lives, they are found in food, on plants, in our surroundings and our bodies as part of our natural defence against infections. The bacteria introduced via the ellen® tampon is called Lacto Naturel (LN) and are human (innate to the human body) bacteria. They are a natural part of a healthy vaginal flora.

What is bacterial antagonism?
This is the principle Ellen uses to maintain the natural vaginal bacterial balance. Benevolent bacteria multiply as long as the right conditions exist, which stabilizes the bacterial flora.

Why have you changed the packaging for ellen in Sweden and Norway? The cartons previously sold in Sweden could only guarantee a shelf life of 12 months at most. Our new packaging solution guarantees a shelf life of 18 months, a requirement from all retailers. Because ellen contains probiotics, it is important to use a packaging solution that will sustain the benevolent lactic acid bacteria. With our new metal canister we can guarantee product quality and shelf life.

But is metal packaging an eco-friendly alternative? 
When it comes to being environmentally friendly, it is a myth that metal is not good for the environment. Metal packaging can be sorted as metal waste and can be recycled indefinitely, while paper can only be recycled about 5-7 times. 
This means that if you sort your waste, metal packaging is actually more environmentally friendly than paper and does not have as great an impact on our natural resources.
When it comes to the actual production process, metal packaging manufacturers use much more eco-friendly processes than before which eliminates the problem. 

Can I use ellen in combination with other sanitary hygiene products?
Yes, you can use at least three ellen tampons a day for three days during your menstruation (the three days when your menstruation is heaviest). You can use any brand of tampon or sanitary napkin you like for the other days.

Should I use ellen® only during menstruation?
Yes, the ellen® tampon should be used the same way you would use a regular tampon, which is only during menstruation. Your mucous membranes are drier when you are not menstruating. You can damage the mucous membranes and irritate the vagina if you insert and then remove a dry tampon. 

How do I calculate my menstruation cycle?
Count from the first day of your last period to the first day of your next period. Menstruation normally begins some time between day 20 and day 30, although both shorter and longer menstruation cycles are not uncommon. 

Can I use tampons during my entire period?
Tampons can be used throughout your entire period but the bleeding usually becomes lighter toward the end. You can irritate the mucous membranes if the tampon is still dry when you remove it, which may cause irritation and pain. This is why it is very important to use a tampon size that corresponds to how much you bleed. Use a larger size in the beginning and a smaller toward the end. 

How often should I change tampons? I find it hard to know when it is fully saturated.
The tampon should be removed when it is saturated, which means that it is full of fluid. Removing a dry tampon can irritate vaginal mucous membranes. We recommend you leave the tampon in place for between four and eight hours. It is hard to be more precise since how much you bleed is unique and women normally bleed more at the beginning of their periods. The best solution is to test different alternatives.  Be careful to use tampons with the right absorbency. You can probably try a smaller size if you notice that the tampon feels dry after wearing it at least four hours. Young girls seldom have regular periods in the beginning and everything from a few days of light bleeding to over a week of heavy bleeding is normal. The amount of menstrual fluid varies and is extremely individual. Most women average between 25 and 40 ml menstrual fluid every month. 

What is Premenstrual Syndrome – PMS?
These are signs of normal hormonal changes in the body. Everyone experiences these changes differently. For some women, these changes are very positive; they feel energetic and have an increased sex drive before menstruation. Other women feel low, irritable or anxious. Many feel that their clothes are too tight and their shoes are too small about one week before menstruation. Headaches and food cravings are also common PMS-related symptoms. 
There are many effective treatments for PMS nowadays. Talk with your physician if you have discomfort. 

Why do I have menstrual pain?
For some women, menstruation is just a minor hassle a few days a month. For others, it entails severe pain and suffering. Menstrual pain is common and completely normal, but there are ways to relieve the pain. Light exercise or a walk at a relaxed pace can help ease the pain. Another alternative is to lie on your back with your legs drawn up towards your chest. Place something warm on your abdomen or massage your lower back. Several over-the-counter painkillers are also effective in relieving menstrual pain. If you are concerned, talk with your physician. 

Is it normal to bleed between periods?

You can occasionally experience bleeding before it is time to menstruate. This bleeding is usually due to a temporary dip in hormone levels, causing a small amount of bleeding from the uterus. Talk to your physician if you are concerned.


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