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Essentia Humidifier, 3in1

69,90 € 75,00 €

SKU: 26

ESSENTIA is not only an essence humidifier, but also a complement to interior design, thanks to its elegant design and remarkable natural materials such as oak and opaque blown glass.  The scent experience is enriched by 7 colours that can be set for automatic change or steady, and stream sound effect. 

Tank capacity  85 ml 
Spraying speed 16 ml/h 
Coverage  25 mq max 
Operation time 6-8 hours (non-stop) 
Power supply  100-240V / 50-60Hz (with 24V adapter unit)
Power consumption 9W
Weight 0,64 kg (without water) 
Size  8,5 x 8,5 x 15,1 cm 
Warranty  2 years

Olysan essences can be added to scent the environment with different fragrances.


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