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GT NEB Nebuliser

99,00 €

GT Neb nebuliser is suitable for treating asthma, chronic bronchitis, rhinitis, cough and other respiratory diseases.

Very small and silently working nebuliser for the babies and adults!


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GT Neb Nebuliser is a easy method for your child to inhale medication where required. Common treatment uses include treating

- asthma
- chronic bronchitis
- rhinitis
- cough
- and other respiratory diseases

The nebuliser reaches even the most remote parts of the lung. Fast and efficient to use (2 ml of medication is atomised in 6 minutes) and easy to clean. Due to no sound being omitted from it's use, the nebuliser is ideal for children. GT Neb nebuliser is comes with the following:
- an adult's mask
- children's mask
- mouthpiece
- AC adapter and batteries

It comes with a carrying bag.

2-year warranty

Compact design

ABSOLUTELY SILENT inhaler, ideal for children, including during their sleep.

How to use?

GT Neb  nebuliser decreases the size of the drug fluid so they reach deep into the respiratory tract. In case of cough, the vapour helps to liquify the secretions and keep the respiratory tract moist. This decreases coughing, swelling and the build up of other secretions that become coughed up. Therefore, use of the nebuliser aids in relieving rhinitis.

GT Neb nebuliser can be used with batteries (AA size, alkaline type). In addition, a power adapter is supplied that you can plug into the wall socket.

Please clean the appliance after each use using distilled water to prolong its effectiveness. 

Produced in Italy.

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